The word Holy is derived from the word Whole. And they are similar-sounding words. You know why? Because the Universe is Whole. The Universe is complete. There is night, there is the day, there is life, there is death, there is laughter, there is sadness, there are birds, there are trees, it’s a full, wholesome Universe!

The question is, are you whole? The answer is Probably – No. There are only exceptions, that I know of, who I found to be Whole persons.

Why? Because, they were not standing on one leg, living an imbalanced life, focussed only on work or focused only on earning money or focused only on partying or focused only on religion, or focused only on whatever else.  

They were holy, they were complete because they worked as much as they enjoyed, they played, as much as they served other people, and they looked after their family as much as they looked after their friends. They lived a complete life.

My message to you today is that सम्पूर्ण ही पवित्र है (Hindi), the Whole is Holy. In fact, only the whole is holy, live a whole life; don’t be imbalanced. Twenty-four hours is a long time, spread it well over work, play, exercise, with your family, your friends, go out and serve the deserving, help other people, read, and grow, but for heaven’s sake, be Whole!

Good Luck!

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