The word passion has origins in Latin and it is derived from the word pain.

In the olden times, nothing great was achieved without great toil.  The greater the toil, the greater the results, the greater the pain, the greater the gain.

That’s why perhaps the adage, No pain. No gain. The word passion, is derived from there and it means, a certain degree of hard work, of persistence and of determined effort.  To chase a certain goal, a certain dream, or to do what you love to do and to achieve a certain result. 

Without passion, your life is like an engine, which is not running Passion is the engine ignited, running, whirring, its fan belt moving and the current running through it from its battery. 

That is the current that makes you go, that is the whole phenomenon of energy that makes you spring out of bed, early in the morning, your Ikigai.  To live a life you love to live, cheerfully. And, that is what brings the color to your cheeks!

Besides that and below that, we are just useless. So, I’m saying:  Develop your passion, find your Ikigai, find your purpose, and turn on the ignition of the engine of your life and live life passionately, with fully energy. Pouring everything you’ve got, into that one purpose, that one cause you love.

Make that spark an inferno! Live with passion, live with energy, live with gusto, with josh.

Good luck.

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