Breakthrough Youth Transformation Program

Success Express

Through this never before Opportunity

August 28th – October 16th 2021


B.Sc Honors, Agriculture From IIMT University, Meerut

What is Success Express?

Success Express is a one-of-a-kind 8 week YOUTH TRANSFORMATION  PROGRAM that will Transform Youth in a way that is not just practical, but develops Youth to succeed and be happy in every sphere of their life – personal, professional, spiritual.

Success Express is the culmination of Intense Transformation Work done with the Youth, for over 3 decades, combined with survey, research and deep understanding, that has revealed that what we call S H Q Success + Happiness Quotient  is highest in the lives of those, who are well aligned in the following areas:


Self understanding particularly, knowing one’s unique strengths


Clarity of direction


Doing what they do, energetically and with enthusiasm.


The right habits, routine and lifestyle, which produce the right results.


Balance being grounded within and equipped to deal with stress.


Clear cut goals towards growth and contribution.

Pyramid Of

Besides the above, the presence of an able Coach, to guide them through their life’s journey, has been reported to have created a multiplier effect! 

The above, SHQ Mantra, emerged as solutions to the following Pain Points, which were commonly shared by over 98% people, who included Parents, Employers and Young People themselves.

These  problems were made worse, in the absence of an understanding and caring adult- a Coach or Mentor, who could significantly help in leading Youth to become the Highest, Best Versions of Themselves.

Lack of knowledge of one’s strengths; therefore, poor self image
Lack of clarity of life’s purpose and direction.
Lack of interest, energy and enthusiasm
Unfavorable lifestyle and habits.
Scattered attention and lack of focus, due to distractions and stress
Nil or negligible motivation towards one’s growth
Feeling of worthlessness


Student, MA English (Hons.)

Why Success Express?

Who is Success Express meant for?

High School + Intermediate Students unsure about subject streams and University.

Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Students, concerned about starting their Career

Young Professionals + Entrepreneurs aiming to accelerate growth in their Career and Life.

The amazing results of
Success Express

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the  Course –SUCCESS EXPRESS, which is the latest upgraded version of previous Transformation Courses that I have done with Young People, which proved to be game changers for them. Beginning with a TASTER on Saturday, 28thAugust 2021, 11:45AM To  1:15PM spread over 8 weeks, SUCCESS EXPRESS strongly holds the promise of

Discovering your inner power and your inherent gifts.
Gaining direction and speed in your life.
Moving forward and rising higher, with some simple inner work and self learning.
Making you feel empowered to live your day to day life, with zeal and excitement.
Learning and implementing in your life, some very simple grounding + relaxation techniques that will help you to be balanced, grounded- managing stress, anger and other negative emotions.
Acquiring the right Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Habits, essential for your personal and professional growth.
Abundance, in every sense!
Designing a life of purpose, by channelizing your time and energy towards making your dreams come true.
Structuring each day of your life, doing the right things in the right way, to bring about the right results, including learning the key Soft Skills and Drivers To Success. Self-Confidence. Focus. Self-Management. People Skills. Communication Skills. Time Management. Anger Management. Procrastination Management etc.
Leading yourself to a life of abundance, in every sense: good health , love, happiness, financial wellness, together with the greatly satisfying feeling of making a big difference in your life and in the lives of others.

This is where Success is Created

What will I learn in these 8 Sessions?

1st Session


2nd Session


3rd Session


4th Session


5th Session


6th Session


7th Session


8th Session


Years of

Meet your Coach Avinash Singh Alag

For over 32 years, in many different ways, renowned Educator and Youth Transformation Coach, Avinash Singh Alag has brought about breakthroughs in the lives of a large number of Young People in India and overseas. He has empowered them to:

  • Recognize and maximize their potential.
  • Rise above their self limiting beliefs and break the shackles of self- doubt and fear.
  • Understand that each individual is unique and here for a larger purpose.
  • Achieve that purpose thoroughly well.
  • Set SMART Goals and achieve them.
  • Be prosperous- achieving material success, as also, contributing in making this world a better place.
  • Live blissfully!

His students have been enabled to come face to face with their real selves and bring about a 180 degrees turnaround in their lives.  They have risen above from where they were stuck to achieving great heights of success and impact.

Coach Avinash is also an eminent Motivational Speaker and has had the privilege of speaking at various distinguished platforms, including TEDx. His YouTube Channel contains more than 260 videos on a vast range of subjects.

He inspires all those who come to him, to sing the song in hearts. And, lead a life of fulfillment, prosperity and bliss.

According to him, if you are not growing, you are depleting. Growth is essentially, the religion he preaches. His message is simple and clear. SUCCESS comes in CANS. FAILURE comes in CAN’TS and I CAN! is far superior than IQ.

For him, right action is the master key that opens the mightiest of locks.

Life has seldom remained the same, for all those who have had the chance to work with him.

You can also connect to Avinash on Social Media

Ready for your Life Changing Experience?

Yes! I Want Coach Avinash to Guide Me on this Journey

Can you refuse these irresistibles?


Success Express

Get Access To The Complete Course

INR 8,260 (GST Inclusive)

What's included:

For the 6 days in between each session, ample and extremely interesting experiential assignments, reading, reflection, introspection and working with Accountability Partners(Buddies) will make this Course, a wholesome and unforgettable experience for all participants.

Other Offerings:

Take a look at what students of Coach Avinash are saying


“I love you and you are one of the most important parts of my life ! I want to see your Vision and this lovely Institution rise to greater heights ! Thank- you, Avinash Sir for always motivating and inspiring !”

Associate Consultant, Deal Advisory, KPMG

“I am grateful to My Coach and Mentor, Mr. Avinash Singh Alag, for teaching me the value of time, and value of life. ‘Finding My Oyster’ is just amazing. Now, I am much aware of my surroundings. We have learnt a lot here. To find my Oyster, to be calm and composed, to go deep in.”


“I’m grateful to be a part of this. Now I’m finding myself more confident and real me. Thanks to my Mentor, Avinash Sir, who supported me and gave me directions for finding my Oyster.”

HR Assistant in Rabbani ITI, Supervisor in Sterozide Pharma

“My life would not be same without my Coach, Avinash Sir. . He is a God-Send. He helped me prioritize what is important in my life. He introduced me to the concept of being present and making gaps. He helped me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for my goals, while eliminating the energy gathered in tasks and relationships that were not, Also, he took us to our source, Hara, way down within us, where there is in all of me, Peace and Calmness. He not only helped me settle into a new position but his insights and gentle prodding helped me to avoid some potentially sticky situations with my peers.

ANUKRITI Honors, Agriculture From IIMT University, Ganga Nagar Meerut

“My Mentor, Avinash Sir is one of the finest Guides and Mentor. Around him, Knowledge is free and like a sea, It’s your wish to swim in it and see the beauty or to stand back and ‘explore’….I’ m really blessed to be his Student…”


“Being a part of the Cohort was a wonderful experience. Thank-you so much Sir, for helping me. I learnt a lot from you. I was not clear about how to reach my goal, but with your help, I am clear now what to do and how to do it . Had a great time in your sessions ! Everything was so good. Got to know about myself better and I am now way more confident than before. Thank-you again, Sir !

Student, GD Goenka University

“ The world needs more people like you, Sir. As you say, the Youth meeting responsible adults is important and I wish that does’ happen, enabling a better future for our country. I’ve also been massively impressed by your knowledge on every topic any of us have asked you about. We have had very interesting discussions on Religion , Politics , IAYP , Education and also Social Concerns. I hope you keep on enlightening people and show them the right path. Thank you very much for these Sessions. I am undoubtedly very honoured to be a part of this.”

Student, Ashoka University, Sonipat

“Engineers make bridges. Artists make paintings. Scientists make rockets. BUT MASTERS MAKE THEM ALL It takes a big heart to nurture small minds. THANK-YOU Sir, for caring, inspiring me !”

Manager, Banana Republic, Canada

“Good Teachers TEACH but great Teachers INSPIRE! Sir, you truly are a great Inspiration, not only to me but all the people present in this room today and many beyond these walls. THANK-YOU SIR!! For your constant guidance and support and I am utterly grateful for the sessions and the insights which you made us share, they all may seem small but they are the building blocks of a great me someday...”

Manager, Standard Steel Poducts

“Money’s not your motivation, it’s the love for what you do. You hear that special calling to which you always will stay true. Your students are your dedication , Devotion is to them. To you each Child’s unique and special, a beautiful gem. You inspire us and make differences in Children’s life. You are special for what you do, We will appreciate you through & through. You are the best , Sir !”


“Your presence is as vast as a Tree; Your nature is like a River, flowing every moment, Nurturing each leaf with care, And with your shade, providing Comfort to others , is your virtue”


“WE ALL CARRY THE SEEDS OF GREATNESS WITHIN US, BUT WE NEED AN IMAGE AS A POINT OF FOCUS, IN ORDER THAT THEY MAY SPROUT. Thank-you Sir, for being that Image for me and making me realize the importance of everything and specifically, Time. For helping me see the hope inside myself…”

M.A. English, St. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad

“I have learned about Potential, Purpose, Passion, Prosperity And Perspiration. I have learned the meaning of these 6P formula. In this course I got the opportunity to build my confidence and the fear which was inside me in front of others has gone. Before this course, I really didn’t know what I have to be in my life and didn’t ever think about it. This course helped me in finding my ways and gave direction to me that how can I achieve my goals. I would like to thank our Sir Mr. Avinash Singh Alag for organizing this course for us and being with us in every step of this course.”

BA Student, NAS College Meerut

“The course has improved me day by day. I can say it was very important for me to explore myself. So I joined the course. And it has taught me lots of morals, ethics and many more things. And after that I am confident and capable enough to live my life on my own and take any kind of decision which is very important and useful for me. I just want to say thank you to Sir Avinash Singh Alag for his guidance.”


“I have learned etiquette, I have learned how to behave with people, communication skills, interview skills, and I will apply this in my career, as I want to become an Army Officer, the etiquette will help me and communication will help to give guidance and motivation to my soldiers. I want to thank my Sir Avinash Singh Alag for this great course .”

Armed Forces Aspirant

Your Path To Success Must Start Now

*Subject to change, as required.

1st Session (TASTER)

28th August 2021

2nd Session

5th September 2021

3rd Session

11th September 2021

4th Session

18th September 2021

5th Session

25th September 2021

6th Session

3rd October 2021

7th Session

9th October 2021

8th Session Graduation Ceremony

16th October 2021


Once you register successfully for the Success Express Course, you will receive a link to join the Virtual Experience on the email address provided by you. On the day of the event, you will need to click this link to join the virtual session.

If you have registered for the course SUCCESS EXPRESS and know that you would be unable to attend. Let us know about it at least 4 days prior to the start
and we will shift your registration for the next upcoming SUCCESS EXPRESS course (Fee Variation may apply). Any requests received less than 4 days from the
workshop may not be addressed. Alternatively, you can transfer your registration to a friend. In either case, please send us an email at A registration once done cannot be cancelled and refunded.

OF COURSE! SUCCESS EXPRESS is a dynamic, interactive and experiential course. Throughout the course, there will be activities, exercises and you will be kept in active participation. There will be Q&A sessions on each day, where you will be able to address your questions to the coach. It will be our endeavour to answer all questions.

Yes. Willingness to learn!

A little fluency in English is necessary.


A laptop or desktop are recommended.

Because the course will see to it that your Employer or Clients get to meet a person who is a blessing to meet – again and again!

Ms. Divya Johari EA To Coach Avinash Singh Alag

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